Thursday, June 18, 2009

Aimed Criticals

For the sake of posterity, a link back to the WORA topic where I started posting this stuff:

Currently in the process of starting up functionality for aimed attacks. For now, attacks work like this:

+attack Thug - attacks Thug with the weapon equipped in your dominant (or both) hand(s). Defaults to 'moderate' difficulty, which has no positive or negative multiplier.

+attack/2 Thug - attacks Thug with the weapon equipped in your off-hand. Moderate.

+attack Thug=Hard - attacks thug at a 'Hard' level of difficulty.

Bearing that in mind, I am tempted to add a completely separate +aim command that will work as a 'preset' to using +attack. For example, you might,

+mode Aimed (to switch to Aimed mode, if your weapon has one)
+aim Groin

And then,

+attack Thug=Hard.

You will then attack the Thug at a difficulty of 'Hard' with an aimed shot to the groin. The other option is to add more 'functionality' to the +attack command and not bother with an +aim, like so:

+attack Thug/Groin=Easy

Wherein you would attack the Thug at Easy difficulty with a shot to the groin. This would require adding a check to the +attack to make certain the player was already set to 'Aimed' mode. Not sure if I want to bother going this route or not, as the input starts to get pretty complicated.

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